jere doyleJere is an active investor in early stage companies. He invests in companies where he can actively assist the founders in building world class successful businesses. Focused in the Boston and New York regions, Jere looks for companies led by rock-star CEO's and management teams. Jere invests in both the consumer facing and business facing sectors, including Internet, Big Data, mobile, SAAS marketing tools, ecommerce, AdTech, marketplaces, and other enabling technologies.


advisor Jere serves as an advisor to a number of CEO’s on a wide range of companies. Jere sees advising as a long term commitment to a CEO and executive team to help build a successful enterprise. Jere works closely with the CEO in many areas critical to growing a company, including assisting with the company growth strategy, launching Most Viable Products, fundraising, customer acquisition, building a world class team, and cultivating a strong entrepreneurial culture.


advisor Jere takes on consulting assignments on a regular basis. Shorter term than advising, these consulting assignment usually are more focused than his advising roles, and can tend to be more tactical. Areas where Jere has consulted include launching and executing successful lead generation campaigns, email marketing, development and launching products, and helping a CEO build, lead and manage his or her executive team.


advisor Jere loves to speak about the 5P’s. Whether it be to a small group of senior executives, college students in a business class, or larger groups at a company meeting or industry conference, Jere’s enthusiastic and energetic talk on how the 5P’s are instrumental in building a successful business, team, and company culture, as well as how they apply to your professional career and personal life, is moving.