The Five P's

jere doyleDoyle’s three decades of entrepreneurial success have been founded on what Doyle calls his five P’s, seen below. Jere is also a featured speaker known for his “Five P’s.” This is a people-centered methodology that zeroes in on five personal assets, five ingredients of a successful venture, career—and life. His stories of how people can leverage these assets are a hit with audiences worldwide.


passion“You can’t succeed as an entrepreneur, or work for me, without it,” says Doyle.


patience“Very few people actually get rich quick, and few of those sustain their prosperity. Many second-guessed us for staying the course during the dot-com bubble, but Prospectiv thrived before, during and after.”


Persistence“Never give up. Getting doors slammed in your face is the price of admission to entrepreneurship. Learn to like it, or at least accept it.”


Principles“Even when you’re backed into a corner, practice honesty, integrity and respect. Never cross the line. Selling leads to third parties could have been a nice revenue stream for Prospectiv, but big brands trusted us not to do it. That’s why they kept coming back to us.”


Pride“This is your jet-fuel. It’s what keeps you going. What is important to you? What will be your legacy?”