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From his 25 years running entrepreneurial ventures, Jere understands how hard it is to take a start up and turn it into a large, full fledged, successful business.  Working in several capacities, Jere is now helping other entrepreneurs do this acting as an Investor, Board Member, Advisor, and Consultant with a wide range of Companies, including:


AirFoxAirFox enables free mobile internet by letting sponsors pay for mobile data. We do this by partnering directly with carriers to provide the AirFox Sponsored Data Platform-as-a-Service that creates new revenue streams for mobile operators, new engagement and insights for advertisers, and free mobile internet for users.


Analytical SpaceAnalytical Space Every few hours, one Library of Congress worth of data is created on orbit by satellite operators. Analytical Space’s CubeSat hybrid RF-laser data relays will increase data throughput for these satellite operators. By giving our customers more access time for offloading data, the ability to use their existing hardware, and the cost structure of terrestrial communications, space and planetary big data will finally proliferate.


Bank of Cape CodBank of Cape Cod is a locally owned and managed commercial and community bank on Cape Cod. With branches in Hyannis, Osterville and Falmouth, Bank of Cape Cod offers a complete portfolio of banking products to meet the banking needs of consumers and businesses. We offer competitive rates on deposit accounts and provide exceptional customer service, whether you are seeking a commercial loan, home mortgage or personal checking account. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender


Big ML BigML offers a highly scalable, cloud-based Machine Learning service that is easy to use, seamless to integrate, and instantly actionable. Now everyone can implement data-driven decision making in their applications. BigML works with small and big data.


brodeur logoIf we have to accept a conventional label, then Brodeur Partners is a communications agency. But not one you might expect or have experienced.  Our company, approach and people are centered on helping clients become—and remain—relevant in an increasingly noisy and turbulent environment. Relevance moves people from passive to involved and compels us to act. Conventional communication agencies work to change minds – what people think. At Brodeur Partners, we change behaviors – what people do. We deliver transformative ideas that move people from disengaged to engaged, from waiting to involved, from curious to committed, from sitting on the sidelines to joining in, from not spending money to buying, from apathy to outright passion. Specialties include branding, social media services, marketing, public relations, communications, digital online and mobile strategies, strategic, C-level advisory consultancy, behavior change programs.


coherent path logoCoherent Path helps retailers maximize lifetime customer value by creating new analytic and modeling techniques using Hyperbolic Geometry and Dynamic Customer models. Coherent Path delivers customized offers to individual customers designed to optimize the customer’s multi-step journey.Coherent Path represents the next evolution of analytics for retailers intent on understanding and connecting with their customers. Using advanced mathematics, the solution provides the ability to monitor an individual customer journey, giving companies the insight to customize promotions based on the current and predicted future tastes of a consumer. The benefits are improved loyalty and greater customer lifetime value.


ConcentricConcentric is a software company that develops Concentric Market™, a simulator that helps you design the right go-to-market strategy. Our technology is based on complexity science and agent-based modeling.


Content RavenContentRAVEN Content Raven’s global, secure content distribution solution empowers enterprise sales, marketing, media production and corporate training organizations to safely deliver video, documents, and other content to any device, anywhere. The company’s cloud-based solution helps organizations manage, track, and analyze user engagement with content. Content Raven’s customers are some of the largest companies in the world, including, EMC and Mondelez International. The company is recognized as a SBANE Innovation Award – Rising Star – 2014, and is on the Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech Startups List. The company is headquartered in Framingham, MA.


CrowdlyCrowdly is the leading Advocate Management Platform for Facebook that allows big brands to find and rank their top advocates within their brand communities, more effectively engage them, and motivate them into action. Crowdly is the only platform that shows brands the lifetime influence of their top fans and a complete history of fans’ interactions over time, while powering authentic ways to provide them with a unique and personalized experience on Facebook. 


Ellie KaiEllie Kai is a Direct Sales Fashion company offering a contemporary collection of made-to-order women's clothing. Launched in Spring 2010, the company is quickly expanding a sales network among key affluent markets and is building a brand that earns a reputation of style, uniqueness and quality. We are developing an online community of women sharing their ideas on style and inspiring design. Ellie Kai is based in Hong Kong to oversee and manage production in China with an office in Osterville, MA.


energysageEnergysage simplifies the process of buying and selling Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and other clean energy technologies for residential and commercial applications. Our free educational content, evaluative tools, case studies and provider ratings and reviews offer a comprehensive and transparent research solution for property owners who are considering a clean energy investment. The EnergySage Solar Marketplace allows interested consumers to create a property profile and to receive quotes (including purchase, lease and PPAs) from our network of high quality installation providers.


everbloomEverbloom is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange launching in the summer of 2018. Started by a team of technologists with over two decades of experience building enterprise and software companies, Everbloom's goal is to bring the power and security of decentralized exchanges to the masses in a reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use manner.


fitivityFitivity is a network of over 450 social fitness apps that improve your physical fitness and sports performance. Each app's content is created by professional athletes and connects you to a social network of like-minded people who keep you motivated, answer questions, and open a whole new world of opportunities.


flipside cryptoFlipside Crypto is a research firm which characterizes cryptocurrencies. It produces and distributes FCAS, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS is developed through a proprietary combination of factors representing customer activity and developer behavior for cryptocurrency projects.


GamerSensieGamerSensie is the first mastery platform for competitive gamers who want to win more. Through its patent pending technology that connects players with the world’s largest collection of professional, certified sensei across all major eSports titles, the company provides personalized coaching and skills development to help all gamers reach their next level.


GroupizeGroupize Groupize Meetings is the easiest way to Source & Manage Simple Corporate Meetings. The easy to use end to end platform for simple meetings bridges the gap between transient business travel and large meetings - up to 80% of meetings within an organization. Simple meetings are the last piece of the puzzle in a managed travel program and you can start controlling your spend today.


InteractionsInteractions is a leading provider of speech and natural language technology that enables businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations. With flexible products and solutions designed to meet the growing demand for unified, multichannel customer care, we deliver significant cost savings and unprecedented customer experience for some of the largest brands in the world. Based on our CuroTM platform, our solutions include award-winning hosted Virtual Assistant solutions, powered by our patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology, and speech and natural language development software tailored for the enterprise.


jebbit logoJebbit is an online platform that directly connects brands with college-aged consumers. Jebbit utilizes guided interactive engagements to create one on one conversations between selected brands and college-aged consumers. Jebbit's pay-per-performance model, called Cost-Per-Correct-Answer (CPCA), benefits both brands and consumers. It guarantees a brand that their message is comprehended while rewarding college-aged consumers with cash for actively answering questions that educate them on the brand. Jebbit is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.


keyword connectsKeyword Connects  generates branded, exclusive sales leads that set as in-home sales appointments at extraordinarily high rates of 60 - 80%.  We are proud to serve dealers and franchisees of such top home improvement brands as Re-Bath, Renewal By Andersen and Gutter Helmet.  We are also proud that all of our original 25 clients from when we launched our business over eight years ago are still with us today.


KidsPassKidPass is a new way for parents to discover and book amazing children's activities. Get access to exclusive events, classes, camps, museums, and more. Unlock a new world of experiences.


legitpatentsLegit Patents is changing the way that innovators interact with the legal system. Our team of legal nerds and AI-researchers have come up with a way to deeply comprehend the content of patent documents, opening the door for inventors to truly understand what's brilliant about their ideas.


Mayflower VenuesMayflower Venues' platform and proprietary event planning software enable nontraditional event spaces (farms, family estates, orchards etc.) to market, book, coordinate and host custom weddings (or events) for couples who demand more unique and customizable venues.


million-logoMilllion  is a monetization platform for content creators.


multisensor-logoMultiSensor Scientific  World's first non-thermal optical gas imaging camera platform for detection, identification and quantification of hydrocarbon compositions and VOCs.


Nix86Nix86 is the best way to manage supplier relationships and keep product costs under control in your restaurant. We can digitize and streamline ordering and receiving for EVERY restaurant working with ANY supplier. Imagine using ONE app to manage ALL aspects of food, beverage and supplies. Access Nix86 anytime, anywhere from a tablet via our mobile app. Nix86 is a cloud based, ordering platform for the food service industry.


OmniLyncOmniLync enables SMB Retailers and the evolving retail ecosystem with digital marketing and intelligence tools to develop deeper, more meaningful connections with consumers. The modern retail transaction is a data-rich environment producing real-time transactional and demographic information with every purchase. OmniLync offers today’s progressive retail enterprises streamlined solutions to gain access, analysis and insight to drive successful, measurable Loyalty, Targeted Marketing, and Intelligence efforts.


open bay logoOpenbay is an online marketplace that transforms how people get their cars repaired and maintained. Openbay increases consumer confidence when making auto repair and maintenance decisions and reduces the total cost of vehicle ownership by having multiple auto repair shops compete for the business. Openbay also provides useful articles to consumers on its blog on how to properly maintain and extend the life of their motor vehicles. Openbay is a privately held corporation based in Boston, MA.


OwnupOwnup is the first cloud-based, predictive analytics platform that combines private data with big public data and behavioral insights to help nonprofits raise more money. We democratize the fundraising process by predicting who is going to make the next major gift and when best to contact them - without having to migrate data. This solves a major problem for over 600,000 nonprofits - increasing efficiency by reducing onboarding time and amplifying their mission without hiring more people.


ParkLocoParkLoco is the first real-time data pipeline in the parking industry. Using this real-time data, Parkloco provides data analytics software to parking lot owners that drives revenue. Parkloco shares this data with existing parking apps and navigation systems to establish a communication channel between parking lots and drivers.


pleioPleio has introduced novel approaches to tackling medication non-adherence. By empowering patients, Pleio support programs put the patient experience front and center. The GoodStart platform is a great example of blending multiple touch points which patients themselves select. GoodStart responds to patients' needs by offering a helping hand; where, when and how patients want their support.


PrivyPrivy enables local businesses to understand how many online visitors actually spend money in-store. Businesses can now publish promotions, such as limited time offers, across the web in a single click. Consumers sign up for the promotions and redeem in-store with their own phone - local businesses in turn get more quality email addresses and more real customers.


punchbowlPunchbowl is the company behind the critically acclaimed website, the one-stop site that helps smart moms and savvy professionals celebrate special occasions, milestone events, and holidays. Punchbowl offers a modern, effortless way to plan an unforgettable celebration with start to finish party planning. In addition, the site offers digital greeting cards that have the look and feel of a traditional paper card.


qeepsakeQeepsake The easiest way to capture and archive unforgettable memories about your kids, chronicle their childhood, and create an heirloom to pass onto them when they reach adulthood.


qstreamQstream Qstream's mobile platform helps business leaders tackle the greatest drivers of change – competition, market dynamics and customer expectations — with an effective sales force enablement solution.  Qstream's closed-loop process is clinically proven to help busy reps retain key selling information in a fun and engaging way, and deliver real-time insights that enable managers identify and proactively respond to knowledge gaps before revenue is impacted. 


repslyRepsly is leveraging the explosive growth in mobile and cloud based technologies to create a new paradigm for Field Activity Management. Its incredibly agile and powerful solution enables reps to capture key data in the field as part of their normal workflow, and enables management to track and coach team members in real time.


rocketmilesRocketmiles was built with the sole purpose of helping people travel more and travel further. Our mission is to help you earn miles quicker, getting you to your dream vacation faster. How do we do it? We feature premium, hand-picked hotels in each city that have been screened by our staff of experts. When you book your hotel using Rocketmiles, you earn an incredible average of 7,000 miles per booking from your favorite frequent flier program.  All it takes is a few bookings and you'll have enough miles for your dream vacation. It's that easy.


Sea MachinesSea Machines is an advanced technology start-up in the maritime industry that is creating a product line of autonomous control & navigation systems for the marine vessels.


ShuttersongShuttersong. Simpler than video, richer than photos, Shuttersong® lets you effortlessly combine digital images with sound and share them everywhere. Use Shuttersong to photograph a moment in time and add its soundtrack by selecting a song clip from your music library or recording live voice or sound through your phone. Then, share your “Shuttersong“ with family, friends and colleagues through social networks, email, or text. Shuttersong also works with existing photos in your library and images from the web, so you can create infinite image + sound combinations.


Smart LunchesSmart Lunches' online ordering brings fun, nutritious high-quality meals to kids while providing great selection and convenience to parents. Smart Lunches is one of New England's fastest growing companies, serving thousands of students each day at schools, daycare centers and camps. Recent winner of Best E-Commerce Innovation from the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange’s Innovation Awards, Smart Lunches operates and Smart Snax vending machines. 


SmartPakAt SmartPak, we get you because we are you — riders who want to take the best care of our horses. Your happiness is at the core of everything we do, from investing in extensive training so our experts can answer all your questions, to backing every order with a 100% Happiness Guarantee so you can shop with confidence. Over the years, this commitment to unsurpassed service has helped us grow from a small supplement company into the largest online tack store and #1 Google-rated equestrian retailer.


TablistTablelist is a team of night life and technology enthusiasts who are dedicated to simplifying the table booking experience for nightclubs and their patrons. Using the Tablelist app, club goers can book tables for bottle service at their favorite venues safely and securely through their mobile devices. Our app is live for iPhone, Android and on the web in Boston, New York, Las Vegas and beyond.


TetragenicsTetragenetics harnesses the unique capabilities of the protozoa Tetrahymena thermophila to produce recombinant proteins for the biopharmaceutical industry. With our world-class science team, we are rapidly advancing the knowledge surrounding this important organism and discovering new and important applications for its use.


TettraTettra Simple wiki software for growing teams. Chat is great for quick, casual communication. But thought-out write-ups and threaded discussions are where the real works gets done. This “low-gear” style of communication is crucial to coordinating and setting a vision for high impact projects.


user interviewsUser Interviews makes it easier for companies to build products that users love. As our first step, we've built a platform that automates the process of recruiting, vetting, and scheduling participants for product tests and usability studies. Product managers and designers at over 250 companies, including tech giants like Pinterest, Microsoft, and Dropbox, are already using our platform to coordinate their user research studies.


veemVeem is a next generation Payment Service Provider (PSP) for global commerce. We enable merchants, payment platforms and enterprise customers to send and receive payments (in local currency or in Bitcoin) in a simple, frictionless and inexpensive manner by utilizing next generation cryptocurrency technologies such as Bitcoin.


verc logoVERC Enterprises is a family-owned, 40-year retail convenience store/gasoline, and carwash group operating 26 facilities in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. The company's growth has been fueled by its unwavering commitment to superior customer service. While much has changed since the first VERC location, what hasn't changed is the company's belief that excellent service comes first. Fully-stocked, clean, aesthetically-pleasing facilities offer a complete line of convenience and snack items, competitively-priced gasoline (Gulf and Mobil), and most host Dunkin Donuts.


VestorlyVestorly is a next-generation digital content management and audience analytics tool for the financial services industry. Vestorly Vestorly centralizes your access to any digital content, improves your communications workflow, and uncovers data on your readers’ identity and behavior. Vestorly enables you to personally engage your audience at scale with digital content across multiple channels while saving time, remaining compliant, and measuring immediate results.


Windgap MedicalWindgap Medical is developing health care products that meet the demands of your lifestyle. Our first product will improve the quality of life for patients living with severe allergies.



ZiipRoom is patented software for huddle rooms that was purpose-built to connect people with technology to make every meeting experience consistent, simple, productive and free from vendor lock-in. We know you and when you've entered the room. We know the devices you're carrying and all of your calendar meetings, and we serve you with simple, one-click options to join any of your video/voice calls or share wireless presentations from your BYO devices as well.



Zippity is the most convenient way to solve your car needs. We partner with your employer to deliver a comprehensive set of car services at your workplace. You simply schedule online then drop your keys off when you get to the office. Your car gets serviced while you work! It is that easy.